Here are a few thoughts. or. Maybe: You are using the text-tool on a layer where text is "not allowed". If you ran into this problem, go to Type menu from the top, choose Panels from the drop-down menu, select Paragraph Panel from the sub-menu in Photoshop. Hi - Yes, I tried all of the above and was able to fix the bounding box, but the text cursor remains absent. In point text when text is align to left (screen) 1. the layer you are putting text in, is behind something else. When I go to add text to an image, the small black box appears, but the blinking cursor does not. My guess is that there is a second software, embedded in Windows 10, for "generic" touchpads, that conflicts with Synaptics. This happened after I hit enter With text tool I clicked between "m" and "n" and wrote "##" 3. Make sure you don't have Photoshop running when you delete the file and a new one will get created when you next start Photoshop. I do have the cursor in the RBG mode, but if I convert that document with a text layer to grayscale mode, the cursor is no longer available. Sometimes it has frustrating issues, and the solution is not always clear. This is in paragraph text. I have a text field...but when I type, the text doesn't show up. If I have a paragraph that is in italics, the cursor does not show up at all, even when I right click or am moving the mouse. ... By no means am I a beginner photoshop user so I am baffled. If you're still having cursor problems, don't panic just yet. I am typing in black text over a grey background. When Ii use the text tool in a text layer in a document in CMYK mode, I do not have the cursor for editing the text layer. When I'm on line end and hit space bar cursor go to beginning of line but hen if I start type some letters it goes back to end. Here’s a list of 10 annoying problems you might have with Photoshop, and simple solutions to fix them. On Mac OS X, the Photoshop file lives at "Users\[username]\Library\Preferences\Adobe Photoshop CS4 Settings\Adobe Photoshop CS4 Prefs.psp." I have to guess where I am in the italicized paragraph, click the mouse, and only when I type on the keyboard do I know where I clicked and then have to use the arrow keys to get where I want. The cursor and touchpad worked, showing up every time, but with reduced features (2 & 3 fingers gestures, right or left clicking not working). This is also true when I am in a document in grayscale mode. If I exit the field, the title in my layers panel is that of which I typed but I cannot see the text. If I type something in and select another tool, or click outside the field, the layer is titled whatever I have typed. They’ll range from simple to complex, some dealing with why the program won’t let you use your cursor tools, or why your cursor has changed shape. Go an look in your layers-panel and see if the sorting of layers are wrong. Is your cursor moving to the left automatically when you input text in English in Photoshop? It's unreasonable to expect that we would tolerate opposite keyboard controls to Illustrator and Indesign when we skip from one to the other constantly. S keyboard_arrow_up-2 keyboard_arrow_down. Point text with two lines of text 2. I am having problems with my text cursor. Also - am pretty unhappy at the changes to free transform tool. Are you sure you have chosen the text-tool, and with a font-size that is actually big enough to see? The paragraph direction may be the trick. Hi, Viewers Some times when you write text on adob photoshop file and text is not appear/visible on file.