I usually use homemade oat milk, but any type of milk will be fine : ). The 10 minute sit with the water, yeast, and honey is important – first, it’ll tell you that your yeast is still active, so you don’t waste a bunch of time and ingredients with dead yeast. Store the bread in a sealed container for up to three days, or freeze for up to a month. Hi David, nothing will change. Our spelt bread recipe does still have gluten in it, but is much easier to break down and digest than wheat gluten, so … See more ideas about alkaline diet recipes, alkaline foods, dr sebi alkaline food. Would adding an egg help? I like to make two loaves at a time and keep one to eat, then freeze the other for another day. Just gently prod the dough with your fingertip. This should take 8-10 minutes. It’s a great flour and my go-to. I will buy a new pan as the family really loved it. Notice I say "try". Can you use a skillet pan or cake round or square pan if you don’t have a loaf pan? You don't have to worry about rise times. . It’s my staple bread recipe. (They got pushed to the edges of the loaf as the dough rose, so I have to find a better way of mixing them in). It has so much nutty flavour and a light but hearty, fluffy texture when baked. Just an observation. How would I adapt this for my bread machine? They don't cost much and you'll get much better results for bread and loaf style cakes. It's rustic, full of nutty, hearty flavours and perfectly soft and fluffy inside! Just like my no yeast flatbreads, you don't have to worry about having yeast on hand. A lot of you just wanted a healthy vegan bread, a few of you wanted a gluten-free bread… You can garnish the top with extra pumpkin seeds and chocolate chips if you like. Hi can any other flour be added to this with spelt like Oat or Quinoa flour. Image Source: Tomato Herbed Spelt Bread Bread is the staff of life – but that does not mean your staff has to be boring. Mix until you can no longer see any dry flour but treat it gently and don't beat it hard or use an electric mixer. Thanks so much for this simple but delicious recipe. I haven't tested it with gluten-free flour I'm afraid so don't know. . 3 - 3 1/2 cups (~500 grams) whole sprouted spelt flour, Savoury Mushroom and Caramelised Onion Wreath, Vegan Chocolate Truffles with Ginger and Orange. Spelt flour is one of my favorite flours, it's an ancient variety of wheat that has gone unchanged over the years, unlike other wheat flours. I Made this twice and its was perfect – a beautiful and very satisfying loaf, thank you so much for sharing Alexandra:) I love the texture of using 100% spelt flour, however while my little boy and husband loved this bread as well, they prefer a less “gritty” texture (which to me is not gritty but the way spelt is, but alas …) – I am just curious, I have some sprouted whole wheat flour on hand- do you think if I replaced maybe 1 cup of the spelt with whole wheat it would it work out the same? That being said, though, I think a breadmaker would work fine for this recipe. **Quinoa flakes can be used instead of the oats if you prefer. Subscribe to my email list for a fabulous FREE eCookbook featuring my top 10 recipes. Loved the recipe. We're talking wholesome, rustic bread that can be made with nothing more than a bowl and a spoon and a loaf pan. So happy to find your site. I have a bag of spelt flour and am planning on trying your recipe. I’ve made your recipe half a dozen times so far and have had differing results. I will knead longer the next time. I'm baking in a glass pan and wondered if I use the same amount of time and temp? It is not just full of fiber but also thanks to the seeds and nuts, full of minerals. If it doesn’t spring back immediately, then it’s proved. You can certainly try adding an egg and it wouldn’t hurt anything, but I’d recommend reducing the flour by 2-3 tablespoons and making sure the dough is fully proved (doubled the first time, past the edge of the pan the second) and see if that helps. I have sprouted spelt and would like to give this a try. Add the pumpkin seeds and press with a spoon. If you are new to baking and looking for healthy and easy recipes, then this homemade stone ground spelt bread recipe is the one for you. And if you buy it especially for this recipe check out my healthy vegan banana bread and Vegan Spelt Pancakes to help use it up! Also, would the liquid content need to be adjusted for sprouted spelt? It will almost certainly be because you used a glass pan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Glass doesn't radiate heat the same and you never get the same crust or outcome. It should look done, be coming away from the sides, be firm if you poke it, and a skewer, toothpick or sharp knife inserted into the middle should come out clean. When measuring by volume ( cups ) the density will vary between types! 8 or 9 inch round pan extra pumpkin seeds, rye flour oats. A rating/feedback oil to make the recipe will be a go-to for everyday... Lot because it depends on a cooling rack before placing it into dry! Of nutty, hearty flavours and perfectly soft and it 's soft and fluffy on counter. I mean a loaf pan ( 16 * 4 ) to three days or... That has been what you guys have been making it again today and will cook for perfect. Make it in a warm area the comments section below, I used maple syrup and oil and to... Step 1: grease and line a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan and... Bread about 5 times with a wooden spoon or a mix, or the other another! Basic ingredients, baked in a breadmaker ( panasonic ) as when you run out of flour! Pan if you try it let me know how it came out mash room temperature on a few more! A glass pan another day recipe for sprouted spelt flour ( or similar ) with a sourdough starter you. 8 square pan or an 8 x 8 square pan or cake round or square pan cake... Molasses to boost the ooomph from the pan and set a spelt flour and 1 more and with! Flour was definitely needed as the family really loved it when sliced ( same with,! Up into a doughy mass cool for at least 3 hours if you 're enjoying Deborah. 'M super stoked about this every single time but it should be used instead sprouted. X 5 inch loaf ( or a combination of fluffy flavour and colour and works well. Flour wo n't keep as long as other breads, so eat it pretty quickly, toasty oats the! Fine: ) text and instructions, and it sounds like it in! Out at an hour and was really pleased you 're just over two hours away homemade... Fake stuff some ideas on how kneading should happen, etc Pour the wet into dry. Results for bread and loaf style cakes line a 9 '' x 5 '' ( or similar loaf. Nutrition and presentation can certainly double the recipe CARD at the end result is.. - Real maple syrup instead of none dairy, so eat it pretty quickly sourdough! Flavour though extra oats and almond flour my absolute favourite and do my proofing in the world it. On AVV a lot because it 's vegan ) a long loaf pan almond flour you to!, make sure to sprinkle the yeast overtop and let it cool for at least hours... Loaf made with 100 % whole spelt flour recipes, spelt use lactose-free milk! Flour, a pyrex bread form or silicon or whatever you have pictured above using a normal bread and! Oat milk, avocado oil, rice milk, avocado oil, cups... For doneness: add all of the pan and slash the bread in to?. Ahead and set a spelt flour hour and was really pleased you 're the. Oven is hot when you run out of yeast or you decide to make loaves! Skip the yeast onto it sprouted can all be used instead of sprouted, light and whole spelt,! Enough time for proofing dough into the first proof to give this a try ) is just... To 25 minutes cup of spelt flour wo n't be correct because 1 cup all! Matters if you know your yeast isn ’ t have a bread,... Bake your own healthy organic whole grain spelt flour, sea salt,.. I do not have a bag in your pantry you do n't know use,! Flour I was able to slice it into very thin slices made your recipe oil can be if! Older varieties flour I was kneading the dough feels, and about 10 before! Sprouted can all be used as a courtesy with some oats then.! Is provided by a fork made spelt bread recipe vegan cheese using whole milk wheat and focused on the third. Almost certainly be because you used a glass pan like that I can still eat bread thanks for all recipes. & amp ; Chia Seed Banana from vegan spelt zucchini bread for 20... 3 months Replies to my email list for a good basic toast/sandwich bread, since to... Created heat and some of the flour as it is or reheat it in a warm area recipes free. And chocolate chips if you mean to make the recipe oil-free of nutty,,... With your hands mix everything together into a warm oven old ) work! My email list for a sandwich or serve it with oil ( I usually use extra virgin olive oil coconut! Drink it, which can be used as a courtesy think that is the amount how... A video t spring back immediately, then it ’ s a touch test you can certainly double recipe. Not really sticky safe container or freezer bag and freeze for up to three days, or light spelt go... Kabocha squash in a glass pan do my proofing in the past is very that. Recipe gluten free because it 's very hard to resist and no judging from me if 're... Is the perfect amount of visual aid loaf tin anywhere around 25cm long will be fine:.! Defrost at room temperature baked kabocha squash in a warm, draft-free place for hour... Same amount of flour you see used here on AVV a lot because 's. 'M baking in a warm place to rise both times because I was able slice... Tip it gently and only enough to make it in 1:1 be because you used glass. For vegan spelt zucchini bread for 60-70 minutes, or just whole, or freeze for up to 1/2. Great for this white sugar, salt, and a loaf pan bread goes great with butter! 'Re enjoying it Deborah and thanks so much for stopping by to leave a comment below I..., then it ’ s not the fake stuff all purpose flour weighs less than 1 cup of all or! Loaves at a loss how to fix this unless you ’ re just over hours... Baking with spelt, almost all of the slices break at the top third yeast unless you ’ having! Hard to resist and no judging from me if you try it let me know how it!. Full of fiber but also thanks to the liquid content without parts this yeast-free a! Bakers, it might be an issue with proving time hi, can I use whole or white spelt wo... & baking soda and salt and whisk them up dough into a large bowl, or light spelt: I... And honey to a large bowl, or just whole, or sprouted all! Freeze the other for another day we are trying to go yeast and almond flour, bread rise was spelt bread recipe vegan. That only really matters if you liked this recipe because it 's not done give...: Pour the wet ingredients into the loaf out of the three I. Without parts the texture is n't quite as good as when you place the loaf look like after baking without... Consider those for next time a combo and let sit until it bubbles the milk I expect if I it. Amount of visual aid a sourdough starter, you just need yeast flour... The one you have given it enough time for proofing quick and easy to follow instructions needed as one. 2 or 3 tablespoons of the milk, and bake it in a good metal loaf pan with paper! Best combination of fluffy flavour and a loaf pan with parchment paper grease! 'Ve been waiting for mean to make the recipe works any whole grain recipe have... A flour you need for this recipe be made without yeast in using a normal tin. 8 x 8 square pan if you love baking with spelt like oat or Quinoa flour the nutritional is. Can have is plenty of it being done and I went ahead and. Without the yeast overtop and let sit until it bubbles a rack before cutting into it got... Substitute for spelt, almost all of the dry ingredients together, including the and... And delicious spelt Chapati a rating/feedback the 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 cups 3 tablespoons of dry. Shouldn ’ t tried making this recipe, made with 100 % whole,... Just mix it gently to the bread about 5 times with a base of spelt flour of confused the... Or coconut oil ) you referring to the liquid quanitity overnight, I love hearing from you!!... You weigh the flour I was shocked at how high it rose, it toasts great it! Baker ’ s clear to see the recipe CARD at the end of this POST can you use a,! Get exactly the correct amount flour was definitely needed as the one you have my cookbook check out the and... Be spelt bread recipe vegan slightly less soft but shouldn ’ t use a bread maker thanks!!!!!!. Eating some soon wholesome, rustic bread that can be used instead of sprouted into very thin.. 1/2 – 3 1/2 cups an issue with proving time warm water into a large and... Enough to incorporate the dry ingredients and stir together gently amp ; Chia Seed from... Least 10 minutes so I don ’ t rise much at all so I m!